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Case - Rental & Staging

Our products are exported worldwide and covering all vertical markets.

large rental screens are used for party activities

There are many ways you can use our rental screens to get the best out of your event!

  • You’re a new company. And you want to host a party for all your employees. But you don’t have the budget to buy an LED display.
  • You’re a wedding planner, that wants to make your client’s day extra special with a big LED screen backdrop set up behind the couple as they say their vows.
  • You’re having a graduation party for your son, and you want it to be truly epic. So you rent one of our screens and set it up in your backyard so that all of his friends can watch the game together.
  • You run a restaurant, and this weekend is going to be huge. You need more space for people watching the game, so you rent one of our screens and put it outside for everyone who wants some fresh air while still being able to watch their team win (or lose).

LED rental screens are used for party activities

This large rental screens are made up of 77 TR3.9 square screens, each with a dimension of 500×500. And are built to withstand the elements and deliver a crystal clear picture for any occasion. Whether it be an outdoor event, wedding or party.

The best thing about our large rental screens is that they are incredibly easy to install and dismantle at the end of your event. Which makes them perfect for short-term events where set up time is short.

So if you’re looking to rent out large LED screens for your customers’ events parties or weddings! We’ve got what you need. Just contact us for more details!

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