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Case - Indoor LED Video Wall

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Stage background wall of Town Theatre

Let the LED backdrop wall anchor your stage!

LED display, an innovative technology that is becoming popular all over the world, also has many applications in performance art. One of the most common uses is to create a background where the performers appear. In this setting, the performers are directly involved in what’s happening on the stage and can interact with it.

The LED Stage background wall provides a unique opportunity for the performers to use visual effects to enhance their act. For example, they can use a simple color palette to provide depth and background to a scene or add movement by switching between colors. This type of interaction with the backdrop allows for more dynamic performances. Which can be more enjoyable for both audience members and performers alike.

In addition to adding versatility to stage design, LED Stage background wall can also create an immersive experience for performers because they are able to interact with their surroundings in real time rather than relying solely on prerecorded footage from previous shows. This helps keep things fresh each night and encourages audience members who might otherwise be bored by traditional stage setups!

Stage background wall of Town Theatre 1 Stage background wall of Town Theatre 2

We’ve worked with Singapore Towns Theater on their stage design before. So we knew exactly how creative they wanted to get with their lighting set-up. We helped them install a 9.6M*3.24M MIE series LED backdrop that has a resolution of 3200*1080. The theater was able to incorporate their new LED backdrop into their overall lighting design seamlessly, and accentuate their performers’ artistic acts in the process.


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