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Case - Indoor LED Video Wall

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Small Pixel Pitch LED Display for Showrooms

 Showrooms are an important part of the customer experience. According to a study published by Branding Business in 2017, customers who had a positive showroom experience were 2.5 times more likely to buy and 4.3 times more likely to recommend the brand than customers with a negative experience.

In the showroom arena, high-quality display screen is the standard for a company’s image. If a customer comes to your showroom, what will be their first impression? We think it’s crucial that you choose a high-definition display, and MIE Series Design is a good choice.

Showrooms small pixel pitch LED display Showrooms Fine Pitch LED Display 3

This Showrooms adopts MIE1.53 small pixel pitch LED display. The whole display area of the showroom reaches 5.76*1.92m, the resolution is 3750*1250(super 1080p). The effect is excellent and worth having.

MIE Series Design has the following features

◇Easy To Install And Maintain

The MIE Series small pixel pitch LED display offers wall mounting, which makes it easy to serviceable.

◇ Concise Appearance

The cable-less design makes it more concise; the fan-less design realizes zero noise.

◇ Unrivaled Reliability

MIE Series small pixel pitch LED display integrated both power and data to support Direct LED and prevent downtime.

◇ Excellent Performance

A high refresh rate prevents flicker; 16-bit color processing provides the highest level of the color gradient.

This product has been widely used in government exhibition halls, corporate showrooms, and various commercial exhibitions. It could better display and introduce the company and its products to customers, enhance the company’s image and reputation, so as to expand publicity and promote sales.

All products are sent out after many quality checks by our factory, which can ensure that all products are available within 1 month after receiving orders from customers.


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