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Case - Indoor LED Video Wall

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P2.5 Restaurant LED Display in KSA

When you’re eating at a restaurant. You might find yourself looking around in search of something to watch while you wait for your food.

You could look down at your phone to scroll through social media. But it’s no fun to do that when you’re surrounded by friends and family.

If the restaurant has a large LED screen display, though, you can watch the restaurant advertisement while waiting for your meal. This is a new and effective way to keep people informed about what the restaurant offers, and lets them see behind-the-scenes content that will deepen their loyalty to the business.

LED display in restaurant dining environment

The wall of the restaurant is equipped with LED display, using MIS2.5 LED module. The overall display area is 2.56M*1.44M, with a resolution of 1024*576.The restaurant’s management staff can use the display to show off the ingredients they use, giving customers an inside peek at what goes into making their delicious food. They can also share recipes and techniques with customers, as well as advertise specials and upcoming events.

Here you can learn about the restaurant LED display. See an inside look into what makes the chef’s skills so special, or find out more about the restaurant management team. The rich content helps to attract more customers and increase customer stickiness.

About the MIS Series.
MIS Series Design

The MIS Series is a family of small Pixel pitch LED Video Wall displays available in 1.2, 1.5,1.6, 1.8, 2.0 and 2.5 Cart pixel fine devices.

Our MIS series products for indoor based on cutting-edge technology. It’s composed of high-quality cabinet material, able to combine the installation environment, keep the LED full-color transparent screen, and achieve multiple modeling design.

Beside this P2.5 restaurant LED display, for other options and applications of pixel pitch, you can contact us directly. We will provide you with the feasibility plan free of charge.

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