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Case - Indoor LED Video Wall

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P2.5 Showroom LED Wall

Project Details:

Screen Size:6.4*3.36m

Pixel Pitch: MIE2.5

Resolution: 250*1344

Application: Showroom

Project Description:

With the development of the exhibition and display industry, indoor LED display, a display carrier that integrates modern technology, has increasingly become the standard in the exhibition halls of major pavilions, both shining the light of science and technology, but also the achievement of the great beauty of the exhibition and display, by science and technology museums, cultural museums, planning exhibition halls, real estate exhibition halls, corporate exhibition halls and other types of exhibition and display.

This case is about 21.5㎡ showroom LED wall for corporate. We using indoor LED display MIE series to design this 6.5*3.36m LED wall. In this corporate showroom, space is quite limited. In order to use the space more efficiently, the lightweight design of the display is especially important. So we took the wall-mounted installation, less than 80mm thickness space. With front maintenance features, it is easy to disassemble and repair later.

fine pitch led display screen

MIE series 640*480mm cabinet matches the size of this showroom LED wall very well. With high brightness, high contrast, high refresh rate and other characteristics, fully meet the display requirements of major exhibition halls, refresh rate of 3840HZ or more, display screen more HD thorough, delicate can be divided. The viewing angle of this showroom LED wall can reach 160 degrees, can achieve a variety of high-definition video playback, 360-degree analog product display, support a variety of business demonstrations.

small fine pitch led displayThe corporate showroom is in an enclosed space, which requires high noise control. Showroom LED wall does not need cooling fan for heat dissipation, our power supply is configured fanless silent power supply, redundant power configuration, to ensure that the payload of the power supply is less than 60%, thus ensuring a quiet environment in the showroom.

Compared with traditional LCD and DLP splicing, the showroom LED wall unit module splicing will not appear black border, and can achieve super large size display splicing. At the same time, our LED display ensures consistent brightness and chroma between modules to achieve the best whole screen display effect. In terms of viewing angle, the left, right and up and down angle of LED display is up to 160°, which can completely cover all corners of indoor exhibition hall.

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