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Case - Indoor LED Video Wall

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Multimedia LED display screen of Middle School

This case is in a middle school in Beijing. It is a case about multimedia LED display.

In the school, multimedia LED displays have been popular for a long time, from the original engineering curtains and projectors to small pitch LED displays. Small pitch LED displays have excellent image quality and performance, especially in the harsh sunlight environment during the day. In addition to high brightness and wide viewing angle, it also has good color performance.

The school multimedia LED displays need to cope with various display situations, such as large events/awards/presentations, etc. that may require display screens.

Multimedia LED display screen of Middle School

To meet the needs of multiple scenarios, this school uses MIE 1.25 small pitch LED display for its multimedia LED display wall. The display area is 6.4m*4.8m (1.92m*1.44m *2). With a resolution of 5120*3840 (1536*1152).

MIE Series features:

  1. A high refresh rate prevents flicker; 16-bit color processing provides the highest level of the color gradient.
  2. The cable-less design makes it more concise; the fan-less design realizes zero noise.
  3. MIE Series small pitch LED display integrated both power and data to support Direct LED and prevent downtime.

MileStrong MIE Series fine pitch LED display optimizes all the possible installations, including wall mounting, hanging, or ground support. It can be a giant video wall to control room or a smart poster screen for commercial advertising. Customized for specific projects is available.

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