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Case - Indoor LED Video Wall

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Middle East high-level conference room solution

In the past, when you thought of a “meeting room” in the Middle East, you might have pictured a bland, business-like space. But with Middle East high-level meeting rooms, you can forget about all that!

This customer has high requirements on the quality and performance of the product, requiring no mistakes in any details.

The MIE1.875 LED display on the wall of the meeting room is one of these products. This product provides an excellent solution for conference room use.

Our MIE Series full-color LED display, with its clear and crisp picture quality, perfect for all of your high-level presentations, town hall meetings and everything in between.

The MIE LED display uses wide color gamut, high color reduction, brightness constancy; it also has a high refresh rate and low delay design, which is more suitable for displaying dynamic images; it is also compatible with a variety of signal sources, which greatly reduces the complexity of operation during meetings.

The MIE Series Design is made from the highest-quality materials available and undergoes rigorous testing standards at our facilities in Shenzhen before it ships out to you. Ensure that every product you receive is a fine work of art.


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