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Case - Indoor LED Video Wall

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200 People Large Conference LED Display Solution

The main application of the conference hall is for various activities such as conferences and forums. There are many requirements for the conference LED display of this type of activity, which may include:

1. Large screens and high brightness to ensure that everyone in the venue can see clearly;

2. The display system has better picture quality and image stability to ensure that it will not affect the effect of the activity due to technical problems during the period;

3. Good environmental adaptability to ensure that the display system can adapt to various environments.

200 people large conference hall LED display solution 1

This conference hall has a capacity of 200 people, and the distance between the last row and the screen is about 10 meters. The conference hall LED display adopts MIH3.91 small pitch LED module, the whole display area is 12M*6M, the resolution is 3068*1534.

With MIH Series small-pitch module, even if it is viewed from a long distance. It can also show a clear and vivid picture, which ensures that everyone in the conference room can enjoy high-quality display effects with our conference LED display.

MIE Series features Super High Refresh Rate 6800HZ, High Brightness 1500nits.

It is a studio and film shooting grade LED display. It can be perfectly applied to various large venues with particularly high requirements for picture quality in large venues.

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