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Case - Indoor LED Video Wall

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8K+5G High-level showroom solution

In this 8K+5G High-level showroom. We use four 4k UHD videos with 5G network to achieve the highest definition and fastest audio and video transmission on the market today.

In order to achieve 8k display effect, we need to solve three problems. First of all, the processing of the image, especially the precision of pixels. Second, to realize ultra-high definition display. Third, to improve the efficiency of the display and reduce power consumption.

The LED video wall is composed of 144 pieces 300 * 168.5mm MI0.9 LED displays according to customer needs, the product provides up to 8K definition.

Which provides a very amazing effect for video demonstration and publicity in the conference room. Meet customer needs beyond expectations.

Showroom Main Products Used:MI0.9 led display

We introduce you why Milestrong can realize the 8K LED display effect in your indoor projects using MI Series 0.9mm pixel pitch LED screen.

MI series design has the following features:

  1. Display surface flatness need to within ±0.1mm, in order to ensure the display image not distorted, partial raised or recessed will lead display dead viewing angle.
  2. Color reduction. Color reduction refers to how the image color is produced by display, that means the LED screen color and video source must maintain highly consistent, so as to ensure that image realism.
  3. A wide color gamut comes along with HDR bringing more colors making the images more real. Milestrong fine pitch LED video wall with HDR, amazing good viewing quality.
  4. Cable free connection. No jumper cables between panels. Ultra stable and neat.
  5. Power and data redundancy. 200% reliability assured by power and data redundancy.
  6. Super wide visual angle. Perfect frame from any angle. Milestrong MI Series’horizontal and vertical angle are 160°and 140°.
  7. 16:9 cabinet ratio for perfect setup of 4K, 8K screens.

Designed for control room, convention center, TV Studio, broadcasting, etc.

The 8K HD display allows viewers to consult every detail of the video being played. You will be amazed at the clarity of the screen and the vividness of every color. It can give the viewer an unbelievable effect.

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