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Case - Indoor LED Video Wall

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Indoor Curved 4K LED Display for Showroom

Project Details:

Screen Size: 13.2*2.025

Pixel Pitch: MT1.25

Module Size: 300*168.75mm

Cabinet Size: 600*337.5mm

Resolution: 10560*1687.5

Project Description:

This 4K LED display project is a small pixel pitch scheme designed for a local exhibition hall. It is made of our indoor LED display MT series products. The pixel pitch of 1.25mm makes the picture very high-definition, without moire, and can be used as a background wall for shooting or live broadcasting. This is also what customers expect. One screen can be used for multiple purposes, giving full play to its value.

4k led display

In combination with the arc shape of the wall, the screen is designed as a wall mounted curved LED screen. With the use of die-casting aluminum box, the screen bodies are seamlessly connected, and a 4K LED display screen is thus perfectly presented.

As it is used for educational display, this 4K LED display may need to run for a long time every day. Our MT products have good heat dissipation, fan free design, no air conditioning, and no noise. The use performance is very good, and it will not bring bad experience to customers.

4k led display

In order to further improve the service life of this curved LED display screen, we have added GOB technology on the screen, which is waterproof, dust-proof, anti strike and collision proof, which means that the screen will be more durable.

The wall-mounted design does not occupy any indoor space. The front maintenance design of curved LED display greatly saves the cost and time of later maintenance. It is easy to install and maintain the display screen by taking out the damaged single module and replacing it.

If you have similar indoor showroom project and want to enrich the hall atmosphere with 4K LED display, please be free to contact us. As a professional LED display manufacture with over 10 years experience, Milestrong is committed to providing customized solution for you within 2 hours.

4k led display

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