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Case - High Brightness Advertising Screen

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P3.8 Attractive Semi-Outdoor LED Display for Store Facade

Semi-Outdoor LED Display Project Details:

semi-outdoor led display

Screen Size: 2.88m*1.92m

Pixel Pitch: SN3.8mm

Module Size: 320*320mm

Cabinet Size: 960*960mm

Brightness: 2500~3000cd/㎡

Project Description:

Roca is a global leader in the design, production and sales of bathroom and home solutions. It is committed to innovation and digitalization in all its headquarters, and has decided to completely renovate its most representative exhibition hall in Morocco. The purpose of this comprehensive renovation is to put the details and quality of all spaces first, so as to provide complete solutions for your customers and architectural and design professionals.

semi-outdoor led display


In this renovation, LED technology and digital lighting played a special role in the grand opening ceremony of the Casablanca Rock Hall. This digital project is led by the customer’s own design studio Culdesc and Media Mark B2B, which in turn relies on its partner Milestrong, an expert in full range of LED display screen solutions, to create and ultimately design a digital concept. In this concept, Roca’s image as a pioneer brand has been enhanced.


The combination of architecture and semi-outdoor LED display in video and digital lighting creates a space of inspiration and design.


This is a 360 degree video and digital semi-outdoor LED display project: manufacture, supply, implement the necessary structure and installation, commissioning and content to deliver differential value, improve visibility, and invite you to discover new ROCA product series. The purpose of this comprehensive work is to create an innovative and high standard space, especially for professionals, who share the same interest and motivation in the design of bathroom space and family comfort. Every detail of this space is to stimulate inspiration and provide unique technical and sensory experience for architects, interior designers and designers.


We use outdoor LED display SN series to implement this semi-outdoor LED display for Roca brand store facade, the front maintenance design provides convenience for wall mounting and saves a lot of space. The die-casting aluminum cabinet is light and thick and does not cause too much load bearing to the building.


The front is composed of charming figures, in which a vertical linear digital semi-outdoor LED display (120 units in total, each unit nearly 3m long) is installed, and a 3×1.5m high-resolution semi-outdoor LED display screen (P3.8 mm gold wire ) is installed in its internal design.


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