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Case - High Brightness Advertising Screen

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33.18㎡ Outdoor LED Display Board for Park

In this park, use a outdoor LED display board solution. Used to play promotional videos and guidelines on the park’s large outdoor LED screen.

It’s always a good idea to keep visitors updated with the latest information.

The outdoor LED display board solution for park can display a variety of content such as video, graphics, animation and text to interact with visitors. Excellent protection level ensures its safety in any harsh environment. It can be used as a landmark to make your park more beautiful.

park outdoor LED display solution

The project uses SM Series LED display with 4mm dot pitch and a visible area of 7.68*4.32 with a resolution of 1920*1080.

SM Series Design has the following characteristics

  • 320x160mm common-cathode module, compatible pitch:SM+4/SM+5/SM+5.7/SM+8/SM+10.
  • Low heat and well-distributed heat, great uniformity performance.
  • Fast heat dissipation, low temperature rise, effectively prolong the lifespan of display.
  • Well-distributed heat, no color cast, even in long-term use, remaining great display performance without distortion.
  • 2.8V, .8V dual power supply, educe circuit loss, save power and energy.
  • Support calibration of brightness dot by dot.
  • High precision die-casting aluminum cabinet, great flatness.


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