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Case - High Brightness Advertising Screen

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115㎡ Eye-catching Outdoor 3D LED Digital Board in Guangzhou

Project Details:

Screen Size:2.4m*9m*2 sides, 4m*9m*2 sides

Pixel Pitch: SH4.16

Resolution: 3072*2160

Location: Guangzhou International Youth and Entrepreneurship Center

Project Description:

Most of the outdoor 3D large LED digital boards are corner screens, as a way to present users with a realistic, three-dimensional image. When using naked eye 3D technology to bring Ultraman in a three-dimensional image in the line of sight, Ultraman itself has a high fan base, so when the two are combined, it is difficult not to be on the hot search.

outdoor 3d led digital boardIn this project, we used SH series products to design a right-angle column-type outdoor 3D LED digital board for the client, combined with customized 3D video content to create a fascinating scene, highly technological and modern, in line with the innovative atmosphere of the startup center. Next, let’s talk about our design ideas:

  1. Due to the limitation of the site, Milestrongcombined the original building structure to make the 3D LED digital board in the form of column, which can save space well, and at the same time, the 4-sided screen design can cater to the audience in all directions, and there is no dead angle for viewing.
  2. There is no shade in the outdoor environment, so this screen needs to resist all kinds of bad weather, with IP68 protection grade and common-cathode design, our SH series can play a good role in waterproof, and at the same time energy saving and power saving, in the long run, this outdoor 3D LED digital board can save a lot of expenses.
  3. High brightness design, even in the case of direct sunlight can be clearly displayed. The brightness of outdoor 3D LED digital board also can be adjustable as the outdoor environment changes, it’s very intelligent and easy to operate.
  4. High definition and high refresh rate up to 3840Hz, creating an immersive effect. Milestrong uses excellent stereo display technology, the content to be displayed in front of the audience real, intuitive, clear, true stereo effect can greatly deepen the audience’s impression of the display content.

As a profession outdoor LED screen manufacturer with over 10 years experience, Milestrong will provide the most suitable customized solutions according to your specific needs, site environment, installation location, etc. If you need more details about outdoor naked eye 3D LED display solution, don’ hesitate to contact us!

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