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Case - High Brightness Advertising Screen

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P6 Highway Digital LED Billboard

You ever been driving, and you see one of those massive outdoor digital LED billboard by the side of the road? They’re pretty hard to miss. And you know what else is impossible to miss? That big brand logo flashing at you in bright lights—and right next to that logo is a message of how to buy their product.

When you drive by an outdoor LED billboard like that, you can’t help but pay attention. And it’s not just because they’re so huge—it’s also because they’re so eye-catching. There are so many different colors, lights, and shapes all changing on the screen… they draw your eyes right in!

But these big LED advertising screens aren’t just for drivers. If you’ve ever been stuck at a tollbooth waiting for cars to move, then you know that there’s plenty of time for people to look around—and if there’s a bright, colorful LED billboard nearby, you can bet that everyone is going to be looking at it.

If you want to get the brand awareness of your company out there, you can’t go wrong with an outdoor LED advertising screen. After all, who can resist catching a glimpse at a bright, colorful highway digital LED billboard?

Highway outdoor LED advertising large screen outdoor LED advertising large screen

This highway digital LED billboard is model SH. It has 6.33mm dot pitch, which is perfect for highway outdoor LED advertising large screen needs. With a viewable area of 9.6*2.88 (*3) and a resolution of 1516*455, this is a powerful display capable of displaying your HD message with incredible clarity and color.

It is suitable for front and rear maintenance and can be used in all outdoor applications, so no matter what weather or conditions you operate it in, it will continue to function as if you had first turned it on.

We know that getting your brand out there is important to you—important enough that you’re willing to invest in an outdoor LED advertising screen. And we believe our quality displays can help you reach as many people as possible with your message.

If you are an advertising company or developer. Then this screen brings you a huge return income!

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