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Case - High Brightness Advertising Screen

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Building facade LED advertising screen

Do you want to advertise with a large building facade?

We have a solution for you.

A large LED screen on the building facade will make your business better, and your community or building more beautiful.

Imagine the difference that a large LED screen on the side of your building could make. Not only will it be a stunning way to display advertisements, but it will also add a great aesthetic touch to the cityscape. The possibilities for what you can display are endless—it can show video, graphics, animation and many other contents.

  Building facade LED advertising screen case 4

This building facade uses SFC10 LED display with an area of 28.8*15.36/5.76*15,36 and a resolution of 2880*1536/576*153.6.

SFC10 LED displays are more than just beautiful—they’re also durable. With an excellent protection level, they’re sure to last through any environment. Their extremely high brightness is perfect for even the most complex environments.

SFC series die cast aluminum module LED display adopts reasonable structure, easy to realize maintenance, easy to save maintenance time and cost for customers. The better structural design makes the overall weight of this screen lighter and thinner.

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