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Case - Flexible LED Display

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P1.5 Attracitve LED Shelf Screen for Retail Store

Have you ever been to a supermarket, and seen the same thing over and over again?

Suddenly, a different landscape comes out in front of your eyes. Wouldn’t you be attracted to its gaze and take a second look?

Now, our shelf screen can change that!

Our LED shelf screen is a great way to showcase your products in an exciting new way.

This LED shelf screen is supported by sponsorship from the supplying manufacturer. It is using 1.2*0.06M, point spacing p1.5mm.

LED shelf display screens are excellent for promoting products and encouraging customers to buy. Not only can you feature details about your products, but you can also display dynamic and engaging video animations that will persuade even the most skeptical customer to purchase from you.

Your store could benefit from a similar setup. If you’re interested in using the same or similar model for your own storefront, let us know and we’ll help you design a custom solution!

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