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Case - Flexible LED Display

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IP68 Outdoor Flexible LED Display for Christmas Festival

As the holiday season approaches, malls all over the world are trying to create a festive atmosphere for their customers. And many of them have installed a Christmas tree in the mall atrium. But do you know How to make christmas tree with our outdoor flexible LED display?

Shopping mall custom LED Christmas tree

This mall custom LED Christmas tree is a composite Christmas tree combined with LED plus Christmas tree. The inner ring is a well-dressed Christmas tree, and the outer ring is an LED screen.

The custom LED Christmas tree, not only does it have a more attractive appearance than a traditional mall. It also brings different visual experiences to all passersby and attracts more customers to the mall during the holiday season—— whether they’re looking for something else or just want to stand under the lights.

The mall also prepares singers to sing under the tree on the holiday day, which raises the holiday atmosphere to another level.

Create an unforgettable Christmas tree this year with an outdoor flexible LED display! Combine the advantages of a Christmas tree with the flexibility of a programmable LED screen and the stunning visual combination to create a custom Christmas tree that will make your mall stand out from the competition.

Our custom outdoor flexible LED displays are available in any size or shape you could possibly imagine. They can be placed inside or outside your building in whatever configuration you’d like.

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