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Case - Flexible LED Display

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78.5㎡ Dance Floor LED Screen for Shopping Mall

Mall LED interactive floor tile screen

This dance floor LED display screen is a new kind of media, which has been applied to shopping malls!

It can make customers feel novel and promote the mall’s commercial atmosphere.

When people walk on it, it can interact with people in real-time. For example, “waves”, “broken glass”, “flowers under the feet” and so on, everything can be customized.

This mall dance floor LED screen has a diameter of 10 meters.

Kids love to walk on them, watching the images and colors change under their feet. It will become a major reason for customers to come to the mall: “My son wants to come and play with the floor LED screen every day.”

These floor LED displays are also great interactive marketing tools, giving you the ability to customize them with your brand’s logo or image in real-time. Some of our clients have even used the tile screens to create interactive games on the floor!

Floor LED displays are more than just a fun gimmick; they’re an important part of any business looking to increase foot traffic in their mall.

We can help you find the dance floor led screen to fit your needs and your budget. Contact us today!

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