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Case - Flexible LED Display

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12.56㎡ Customized Sphere LED Screen for Nightclub

Have you ever been to a club where you felt like the music was surrounding you from all sides? Or maybe, if you’re an even more advanced partygoer, you’ve been to a club where the visuals were just as immersive?

Well, now your customers can experience both at once. Our sphere LED screen is sure to turn heads and keep them coming back for more.

spherical LED custom screen club spherical LED custom screen

This club‘s sphere LED screen uses Milestrong’s indoor customized products. It comes in two parts: the top sphere is 4 meters in diameter and the bottom sphere is 5 meters in diameter.

It can be used as music surrounded by live DJs so that your customers will always have a great time. Plus, the sphere itself is a gorgeous design that will stand out in the middle of any room.

The sphere LED screen blends music and 3D visuals to create an immersive experience that will keep your customers’ eyes glued to the screen. Imagine a DJ playing music with the lights synced up to it, or a live band giving a concert in the middle of your club. It’s not just about having fun; it’s about staying in business by keeping customers loyal!

Not just spherical, if you want to create other shapes of visual effect screens for your club. We can make it all happen, contact us now to communicate the design solution.

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