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P2.5 Special Customized LED Display Screen for Shopping Center

Customized LED Display Screen Project Description:

customized led display screen

Valle Real Shopping Center in Camargo (Cantabria) has been completely renovated to improve all its internal public areas, and its project will be completed this year. The conceptual design of the shopping center is completely inspired by the rich natural resources in Cantabria. This is why this concept has been integrated into a new children’s leisure space: it is called the “Land of Birds”, inspired by the Alday swamp near the city center. In this new space, customized LED display screen and creative content are installed in the entertainment area and all toilet areas.


In this comprehensive shopping center renovation project, the real estate cooperates with the technology partner Milestrong, which is an expert in technical solutions based on customized LED display screen and digital content for the renovation of Bird Land, a children’s entertainment area, and three complete toilets in the shopping center. The project includes the conceptualization, design and implementation of all audio-visual elements.


Milestrong is responsible for the production, supply and implementation of digital audio-visual components and their supporting structures; Under the BrightSign and BroadSign platforms, we designed, created and adapted Cantabria’s natural inspiration for all screens, and realized 3D content and various HTML5 templates to play dynamic content and launch the entire project.


In addition, they also created a 3D “pet bird” for the bird land area, which appears every 15 minutes, allowing users to entertain and marvel by calling the “cuckoo clock”. All these elements are perfectly combined to convey different values, while maintaining the essence of Valle Real Shopping Center featuring audio-visual technology.


Bird Island – 11m long game tower and 17m long slide


This new playground bird land is suitable for children aged 2 to 12 years, providing detailed information on birds in Cantabria. There, children will be able to enjoy these facilities and learn about the birds in the Ardai swamp, which is a dynamic and very interesting way for children to get closer to the wild animals in the area.


In this space, a high-resolution black customized LED display screen and high-quality images are installed. Trapezoidal and right angle installation, inclined with the ground to improve the visibility of customized LED display screen from the tower base, is one of the main attractions of this customized project, and also one of the most complex projects.


The display adopts modular structure and customized LED display screen of different sizes (up to 5 different shapes!), They allow you to get the most versatility, so you can get the trapezoidal shape. This design is unusual and is specially made and customized for our customers, thus providing a very visual and attractive entertainment space for the shopping center.

customized led display screen

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