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Case - Digital Signage

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Pedestrian Street Outdoor LCD Digital Sign

Have you ever been walking down the street, admiring the sights, when all of a sudden you’re stopped in your tracks by a stunning image or spectacular slogan painted large on a wall? You may not even notice that you’ve paused to gawk, but there’s no denying it: outdoor advertising gets our attention.

Outdoor digital advertising is even more effective. A recent study found that people find ads on LCD screens to be more persuasive and memorable than traditional billboards. This is due to the fact that these signs are able to present moving images, animation, and video content——all of which create more impact than a still image.

Our client saw this opportunity and seized it: they installed 35 outdoor LCD digital signs on the pedestrian streets of their city’s busiest commercial center. And the return in the same year then exceeded the cost.

In the commercial center of this pedestrian street, you can see the digital signs distributed on the street and on the edge of the roof. When you walk on the pedestrian street, these advertising machines will cover all your view.

Of course, the communication of the advertisements will also be fully presented. The visual effect is stunning!

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