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Conference Room LG’s LCD Video Wall

Looking for a way to make your corporate meeting room more high-end?

Look no further! An LCD video wall is a solution.

We’re talking about the ability to grab attention, draw eyes away from other things, and engage your guests and colleagues by offering a visual experience that elevates your brand and sets you apart.

 Conference room LCD Video Wall-1Conference room LG's LCD Video Wall-1

That’s why we’ve implemented LG’s LCD video walls in these corporate meeting rooms. The video walls are made up of multiple 55-inch LCD screens stitched together to create an impressive 4.8×1.2M display area. And creating a seamless visual experience.

You can customize what is displayed on the wall: whether it’s a promotional video for your products and services or a display for the next presentation. And you’ll get to do it with a back-end computer that makes it easy to manage and control from anywhere.

With an LG’s LCD video wall in your conference room, you’ll set yourself apart from competitors, wow your guests, and show clients that you’re willing to go above and beyond to offer them high-end experiences.

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