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Conference Hall Embedded Wall-mounted Advertising Machine

What if you could give your company a more eye-catching presence? With the embedded wall-mounted advertising machine, it’s possible!

Conference hall embedded wall-mounted advertising machine

Installed three 55-inch wall-mounted advertising machines in this conference room. This is not only for the promotion of corporate culture and video display, but also a decorative piece with particularly high face value.

Show off your company’s products and culture with this embedded wall-mounted advertising machine. This device can be installed on any flat surface without the need for additional support, which makes it perfect for any place where you want to show your best features.

Mainly for internal use of enterprises, the three wall-mounted advertising machine can display different content respectively.

Whether it’s a large public event or an internal meeting, this screen will help you display attractive content that’ll keep your audience’s attention and ensure they’re looking up at the meeting subject at any given time.

In large events, it can also present different contents and active scene atmosphere.

Note: The installation of embedded advertising machine, you need to complete the wiring as well as pre-dimensioning before installation.

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