P5 Indoor Led Display Series

  • Date:2024-03-11
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                                P5 Indoor Led Display Series


1, automatic brightness adjustment: with a photosensitive control system, according to the changes in indoor and outdoor light automatically adjust the brightness of the display screen, energy saving and environmental protection, greatly reducing the user's operating costs.

2, high refresh rate and high gray scale, so that the LED display picture more realistic, to meet the nature of commercial advertising and requirements.

3, dual-wire hot backup: with dual-cable hot backup function, two computers control a screen at the same time, when a computer problems, the other computer automatically take over to ensure that the display work normally.

4, light transmission: the use of high-speed optical fiber transmission system, effectively reduce the transmission distance caused by the signal delay phenomenon, to ensure the consistency of the screen playback.

5, remote control: all display information can be remote network control, just use the mouse click operation can easily replace the screen information, so as to achieve the city and regional advertising display network clustering.

6, network control: Support network control functions, compatible with wireless, broadband, 3G networks, so that you can control the display of several cities in one place, at any time to change the content you want to play.

7, environmental monitoring system: equipped with environmental monitoring system, let you know the operation of the display anytime and anywhere.

8, timing switch display: with our multi-function card, we can use software timing or manual switch LED display at any time to achieve unattended function.