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What Is Transparent LED Display Screen?

 Transparent LED display screen is a kind of LED display screen as transparent as glass. It has the characteristics of transparent display, simple application, intelligent control, highlight and energy saving. The realization principle of transparent LED display screen is to re innovate and optimize the light bar screen, and make targeted improvements on the patch process, lamp beads and control system. In addition, the hollow design structure reduces the obstruction of structural components to the line of sight and improves the perspective effect to the greatest extent.


LED transparent screen is a new type of ultra transparent LED display technology. It has a permeability of 60% - 95%, and the panel thickness is only 10mm. The LED unit panel can be installed close to the glass from behind the glass. The unit size can be customized according to the glass size, which has little impact on the day-lighting and perspective of the glass curtain wall, and is convenient for installation and maintenance.


What Is The Difference Between Transparent LED Display And Conventional LED Display?


1. Weight

The conventional LED display screen will be heavier because it includes cabinet frame, module, heat dissipation and other equipment. The weight of single cabinet of conventional LED screen is generally more than 20kg. When the screen area is too large, it is a challenge to the screen steel structure and the original building structure.


While the single panel weight of transparent LED display screen is about 12kg, which can be installed vertically and independently, and the load demand of steel structure is very low.


2. Transparency

As we all know, conventional LED display screen is opaque, and the permeability is 0. The LED transparent screen has high transparency, with a transparency rate of more than 60%, and the picture display effect is very cool and realistic, which can bring see-through visual experience.


3. Beauty

The conventional LED display needs a large-scale steel frame structure when it is built, which is time-consuming and laborious, and affects the shape and beauty of the building to a certain extent.

The LED transparent screen can be easily and perfectly combined with the wall with only a small amount of steel frame structure during installation, without damage to the wall, and can also improve the overall beauty of its appearance.


4. After-Sale Maintenance

If the conventional LED large screen has problems, it is usually maintained after the event, or the whole module or cabinet is disassembled for maintenance.

The LED transparent screen does not need to replace the whole module, only the problem unit components need to be replaced. The maintenance is completed indoors, which is more simple and save manpower.


5. Energy Saving

Energy saving and environmental protection, the transparent LED display is more than 30% energy saving than conventional LED screen.


From Indoor to Outdoor Applications, Why Are Transparent LED Screens Becoming More and More Popular?


Brighten the City without Affecting the Appearance of the Building


Conventional LED outdoor advertising screen can lighten the city and release information at work, but due to its steel structure, when the LED display screen is not used, it is incompatible with the surrounding environment, which affects the beauty of the city to a certain extent.


The LED transparent screen makes up for the defects of the conventional LED display screen in this regard by virtue of its high transparency, invisible installation, highlighting and other characteristics, and eliminates the problem of urban beauty to the greatest extent. In the application process, LED transparent screens are mostly installed behind the glass curtain wall. When they are not working during the day, they will not affect the surrounding environment at all.


Fashionable Appearance Without Space Occupation

The LED transparent display screen has high transparency, which ensures the brightness requirements and viewing angle range of lighting structures such as floors and glass facades. At the same time, it ensures the original lighting perspective function of glass curtain wall.


In addition, the LED transparent display screen is light in weight and can be directly pasted on the glass curtain wall without changing the building structure, without occupying space. The design of the LED screen in the 4S shop is not only transparent, but also can ensure the best effect of the installation of the LED screen in the car curtain wall. In the case of limited glass area, it can achieve the maximum screen resolution and ensure the permeability effect of the glass curtain wall. It can be seen at a glance from indoors or outdoors, making the high-end atmospheric place more advanced in science and technology.

Easy Installation And Maintenance

Without steel frame structure, it saves a lot of installation and maintenance costs. Indoor installation and indoor maintenance are very simple.


Various Advertising Functions


1. Selling Products


Transparent LED glass window display is one of the most direct advertising methods. Tourists can directly see the products in the store through the glass window and display screen, which directly affects their purchase desire, and then improves the attention rate and entry rate of the store and promotes the improvement of product sales.


2. Fixed Advertising


After the installation of window LED transparent screen, it will become a fixed advertising space in the store, and then it will be often promoted to give full play to the benefits of advertising. The use of window LED transparent screen is very extensive, including any commercial space with theme display function, such as shop window, store image area, car 4S store, high-end clothing store or mall booth.


3. Release Information


The window LED transparent screen itself is a kind of LED display screen, which can be controlled by computer to broadcast dynamic and full-color videos and pictures. The store owner can use the transparent LED electronic screen to release some daily publicity information, such as dealing with members, discounts and other activities.


4. Attract Attention


Window LED transparent screen high technology turns glass seconds into transparent display screen. When the fashionable window is "pasted" with a huge transparent electronic screen, the advertising mode changes from static to dynamic. The unique and eye-catching design is very attractive.



Wide Applications

 In recent years, more and more businesses prefer to use LED transparent screen to decorate glass curtain wall buildings, especially in large shopping centers, science and technology enterprises and other places. In terms of business display, fashion brands and high-end products also like to use LED transparent screens to set off the style of brands and products. When broadcasting the publicity content, the transparent background can not only increase the sense of science and technology, but also highlight the product itself, making high-end brands such as cars, fashion clothing and jewelry prefer the transparent screen. The application of LED transparent screen in glass curtain wall not only has no sense of conflict, but also because it is fashionable, beautiful, modern and scientific, which adds a special beauty to urban architecture. Therefore, the LED transparent screen has won the unanimous recognition of everyone in the market and has been widely concerned and popular.


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