Naked 3d Eye Led Display

What is Naked Eye 3D LED Display?

Naked-Eye 3D LED Display are three dimensional displays that do not require any glasses or extra equipment to view the 3D image. 

Viewers can see the three-dimensional image with their naked eyes without needing to wear glasses. 


3D visual effect has brought people unprecedented "real" visual experience. Naked eye 3D LED display will become the focus and even the landmark. 

The shocking effect of 3D advertising LED display technology and the immersive viewing experience make people enjoy talking about it.

Whats The Difference Between Conventional LED display And 3D LED Display?

Refresh Rate

From the perspective of LED display driver chip, outdoor 3D LED display, no matter day and night will be a hot spot to attract people's attention and camera shooting, so the hardware configuration should be paired with a driver chip that supports high gray scale with excellent very low gray, 3840 Hz high refresh rate, HDR high dynamic contrast ratio and low power consumption to present realistic and shocking 3D anthropomorphic images. The conventional display has no rigid requirements for resolution.


Visual Effect

Conventional LED display for flat two-dimensional, 2D and 3D content will not have a sense of three-dimensional, 3D LED display is 90 degree right angle arc installation, to achieve a non-two-dimensional display surface, arc of this part of the product (PCB, module, cabinet) are custom products.


Video Content 

Conventional LED display does not require video, 3D display video needs to be constructed in three dimensions based on the perspective relationship of the display shape, and the resolution is customized dot-to-dot, with the curved structure design to achieve realistic naked eye 3D effect.


Compared with ordinary LED displays, naked eye 3D LED screens need to adapt to specific installation scenarios, there are some features of custom development, the corresponding cost will be higher than ordinary displays, the goal is to provide customers with the perfect solution and the optimal viewing experience.

Outdoor Naked Eye 3D LED Screen Case Study

Business Center

Outdoor LED displays are usually installed on the exterior walls of shopping malls. The specific display specification selection needs to be determined in combination with the actual project, scale, budget, etc. The advantage of this screen is that it can cover a larger audience. People walking around the shopping center can clearly see the advertising content of the video, which is conducive to promoting the brand and easy to attract merchants to advertise.


Shopping Mall

Since the fire of naked eye 3D big screen, shopping malls renovation, construction will use naked eye 3D big screen, as a way to attract traffic to the mall. Most of the naked eye 3D screens in shopping malls are corner screens as a way to present users with real, three-dimensional images.


Media Facade

Glass curtain wall LED display design concept is to combine the LED transparent screen design with the glass curtain wall system to complete the building display system. LED curtain wall screen based on LED material display technology, multimedia technology and external wall image of the artistic design creative perspective, coupled with sound and image design elements, constitute a new curtain wall art form. Because the display background is transparent, the advertising picture can give people the feeling of suspended on the glass curtain wall, and it has a good advertising effect and artistic effect


Street corner

led advertising screen has been widely used in every street corner of the city, has become a special symbol to enhance the image of the city, but it beautifies the image of the city at the same time, the screen body strong light has also caused a certain impact on the night life of city residents. Although the LED industry is a "light" industry, the display "light" is understandable, but from the city's environmental pollution indicators to measure, it has become a new type of pollution "light pollution".



The naked eye 3D screen is installed in the municipal park. It creates a natural habitat for flamingos and provides an excellent 3D landscape: a huge flamingo is attracted by the butterfly flying off the screen, and then rushes out of the screen to bring the butterfly into the garden. 

Is It Possible To Make An Indoor Glasses-Free 3D Screen?


At offline industry exhibitions, the 3D LED screen can be used as a company display medium to attract customers' attention, enhance the company's image and gain more potential customers.

 Company Showroom




How To Make And Design Naked Eye 3D LED Display? 

1. 8K Ultra HD + Special 3D Material + Curved Right Angle Display (indoor column screen display)


2. Small Pixel Pitch Screen + High Refresh Rate up to 3840Hz ( Indoor & Outdoor LED Display) + Seamless Splicing


3. Special CG Animation Material + Ultra High-definition LED screen + Real 3D Sound Effect


Whats The Great Value Of Making These Huge 3D LED Displays?


Create A Landmark

The Naked eye 3D LED display with amazing 3d visual effect will become a landmark in the city.


Increase Brand Value

With these Naked Eye 3D LED Displays, you can spread your brand explosion. Not only do they catch eyeballs, but they can also increase brand value with artistic content.


Advertising Revenue Return

As an advertising media, a naked eye 3D LED display will have a high exposure advertising effect, and be ideal for you to bring in the maximum advertising revenue.


Leading The New Direction Of Technology

Naked eye 3D is a new business application that brings traditional single outdoor media into a new era. Video media displays with naked eye 3D give users an immersive sense of interaction, and the interactive 3D display is also the direction of future screen development.


What Are The Limitations Of 3D LED Screen In Commercial Applications?


Despite the popularity of naked eye 3D displays, which are widely used in major shopping malls and commercial centers, there are still some limitations.

3D Content Production Costs Are High

Custom naked-eye parallax video is required to match the 3D LED display, and creative videos can cost anywhere from $500/second to several thousand dollars/second to produce. Not all clients are willing to pay such a high cost for this.


Each Screen Requires Customized 3D Content

For curved naked eye 3D screens, there is only one optimal viewing angle.


3D creative video needs to adapt to the shape, size, viewing angle and other elements of the screen, playing video content, are customized to match the resolution of the display. In addition, the 3D LED display installation structure has to be designed in conjunction with the installation scenario, so each additional large LED screen requires additional time and cost for 3D creative video production.


Higher Requirements For All Segments Of The Industry Chain


Light Source: 

Stable display devices that require superior color performance;


Control System: 

Able to support higher resolution, integrated better picture quality display control system;


Driving IC: 

At present, the naked eye 3D mostly use SMD outdoor P2.5-P8 products, in the daytime ambient light (especially at noon) is relatively high, LED display brightness needs to meet ≥ 6000, in order to ensure normal viewing. And at night, the display should be reduced accordingly with the ambient brightness, this time the driver IC is more critical, when doing naked eye 3D must be used with current gain PWM driver IC, so as to ensure the best picture quality, but also to ensure that the audience shooting will not be refreshing insufficient phenomenon.


Key Points For Making A Successful Outdoor Giant 3D Naked Eye Display.


Enough Pixels To Create Rich Image Details


Good Aoftware And Hardware


The display needs a more professional decoder that can support material mapping and correction functions for shaped display carriers, and support the underlying optimization of high bitstream decoding.


The display needs to achieve better contrast ratio and HDR high dynamic range. Contrast ratio is greatly improved and can support the highest order HDR capability, providing a higher dynamic range that can express dark and bright details to the fullest.


  High-Level HDR Technology

Good production process is needed to achieve higher contrast ratio. Use patented driver IC to achieve high level HDR. where LED display light source, driver IC, control system, display terminal all need to have high technology level.


  Artistic Structural Modeling

The display needs the art of screen structure modeling, without limiting the traditional flat screen, with more imagination space.

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