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What Kind Of Customized Led Display Solutions Can Milestrong Provide?

Customized led displays are an excellent way to increase visibility and attract attention. Our customized LED display is designed for many different applications, such as multimedia presentation, showroom, museum, shopping mall, night club and so on.


With extensive experience in a diverse range of markets and applications, Milestrong provides a wide variety of products such as flexible LED display, spherical LED display, cube LED display and other customized LED display for your specific needs. 

Flexible Led Display



Flexible LED module screen connection surface is different from the traditional display, equipped with high-strength locking and linking device, using flexible FPC circuit board, mask and bottom shell are rubber material, with high strength resistance to pressure and twist resistance.

1703487226442.jpgCompared with the traditional PCB material, it has high strength of compression and distortion resistance, which can better solve the problems of "beating around the bush" installation difficulties;LED flexible module with magnetic column suction as the main installation, installation is convenient and fast, but also easy to finalize the design; Ductility is good, can shape any shape, can be hoisted, seat, hanging, etc., to maximize the requirements of the site installation;High quality can realize single point of maintenance. Seamless stitching, can control the stitching error between modules within plus or minus 0.1mm.

Cylindrical Displays

The flexible LED module is ductile and can be shaped arbitrarily, of which the cylindrical LED display has high brush performance, can be suspended, seat mounted, hanging, etc., the maximum with the requirements of the present sound. And can ensure a variety of cylindrical display project  圆柱1.png

height demand, using advanced digital video processing, technology distributed scanning, 360-degree high-definition display, modular design, constant current static drive, high bright true color output, clear picture without flicker; it can also achieve multi-screen soft module, through the connection of the main control computer, in the appearance of the cylinder has three large ring LED display screen can be synchronized to play the picture No matter standing at any angle of the monitor, you can enjoy three identical and lifelike images.

Sphere Led Display

Sphere LED display can be used for outdoor and indoor, with light transmission, display pixel distance is large, there is a certain decorative effect of oversized screen display occasion use.


The diameter of the LED ball can be designed and produced according to customer requirements, the sphere is completely completed by CNC, the precise module size, to ensure the consistency of the overall circular curvature of the LED ball, spherical LED display has the advantages of light weight, good wind resistance, easy installation, good heat dissipation performance, easy maintenance before and after, good waterproof performance, good seismic performance, low cost of auxiliary installation frame, fanless and silent. The LED ball can be installed according to customer requirements, designed for mobile, hanging, seating; according to customer requirements and site environment, tailored to the most appropriate spherical LED display solutions.


                  Hanging                                                                Floor Standing

Interactive Led Floor Display

LED floor tile screen is mainly used in shopping malls, scenic spots, amusement parks, star pavilions, science and technology museums, bars, KTV, 970218bf1e7da1e7174de97f0626e31.png

pedestrian streets, glass stacks, stages, performance centers, etc. It can be used in commercial places to attract customers and can also be used in performing arts venues for visual effects.

Cube Led Display

Cube LED display is a self-contained pixel solution, with high definition resolution. It is smart and dynamic, providing an excellent visual impact to wide audiences. Cube LED display is ideal for advertising, information and entertainment applications, digital signs, airport information display boards, bus stops, stadium scoreboards.

The cube screen is usually composed of six led faces into a cube. The display surface is generally four or five faces, and can also be spliced into geometric shapes. The perfect connection with minimum gap is realized between faces.


It can be viewed from any angle around, getting rid of the impression of the traditional plane display screen. It is suitable to be installed in the atrium of bars, hotels or commercial real estate, or next to the door of dairy stores, tea restaurants and boutiques. The multifaceted and diverse collection methods can give the audience a new visual experience and quickly become a new generation of popular display screen.

Round Shape Led Screen


Shelf Led Display


A shelf led display is a great way to show your products to customers and advertise your company's brand.


The shelf LED display has the advantages of clear, bright and colorful. It is cost effective, environmentally friendly and energy saving. You can use it to display your product on the shelf, counter or in the aisle. 

Hexagonal Displays


Pentacle Display


What Are The Advantages Of Customized Screens Compared To Conventional Led Screens?

In Line With Local Conditions

The traditional LED display by a single information display and square display mode, brought people aesthetic fatigue, people need a kind of impact visual enjoyment, and customized LED display will adapt to this constant demand for new and different to show the personality of the cultural needs. It can better adapt to the overall structure of the building and the environment, size and dimensions can be customized according to site requirements.

Various Design Forms

Customized LED displays come in various shapes, including arcs, curved surfaces, letters and other irregular shapes, LED spherical screens, LED curved screens, LED cylindrical screens, LED cubes, etc. Emerging in a variety of applications, shaped LED displays are also used in a variety of cultural performances, wedding shows, opening shows, leisure and entertainment areas.


Better Advertising Effect

Customize the LED display screen and match a good display carrier with good display materials, so that the advertising will be more popular, and different things are born with aura, which has more advantages for attracting eyeballs.

What Should We Pay Attention To Before Customizing The Led Display?


Led Display Installation Environment

 Is the LED display installed indoors or outdoors? The brightness requirements of LED display are different in different installation environments. Generally speaking, the brightness requirements of LED display are as follows:

1. Indoor: ≥ 450cd / m2

2. Outdoor: ≥ 4500cd / m2

Determining the installation location in advance is not only conducive to selecting the appropriate LED display, but also allows us to design the appropriate scheme.


Installation Site Size

Before customizing the LED display, measure the position where the display is installed, which is helpful to select the screen size and determine the actual budget. Generally speaking, considering the allowable screen area of the site, the factors are as follows:

1. Relationship between effective sight distance and actual site size;

2. Pixel size and resolution;

3. Area estimation based on unit;

4. Screen mechanical installation and maintenance operation space;

5. Influence of screen inclination on distance.


Play Content

Is the content played with this led display text display, picture display or video display? Due to different display contents and different requirements of LED display screen, it can be divided into the following aspects:

1. Text display: according to its text size and debate requirements;

2. Ordinary video display: 640 × 480 dot matrix;

3. Digital standard DVD display: ≥ 1280 × 720 dot matrix;

4. Complete computer video: ≥ 1920 × 1080 dot matrix;

Therefore, before customizing the LED display screen, the owner should first consider the installation environment, installation site size, playback content and other aspects, so as to customize the appropriate LED display screen.

What You Could Expect From Milestrong?

Professional Custom Solution Design

Milestrong is committed to developing customized LED advertising display solutions for each client, incorporating unique LED displays into your shopping center environment based on the application scenario and surrounding architectural features you provide.



We can provide LED advertising display solutions in various sizes, pixel pitches and shapes. With years of experience in customizing LED screens, we are well positioned to meet your customization needs.


Easy To Operate

The operation of our LED advertising display is very easy, and the installation and maintenance are very convenient and fast. The customers can instantly monitor the screen status and update the advertisement content.


Technical Support

Milestrong provide 24/7 technical support, prompt and professional service, and free online installation guidance and training.

About Milestrong Service

About Milestrong Service Milestrong Display Co. Ltd. customizes various types of LED digital display, Flexible LED Screen,Interactive LED Floors,Holographic LED Screen ,Immersive LED Displays, creative LED displays etc,our company has a relatively complete production chain and professional technicians, engaged in indoor and outdoor and other display production. After obtaining the design scheme from the customer, we provide one-stop service, customize the finished product of the scheme, deliver it to the customer, and provide good after-sales service

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