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Why Outdoor LED Screens Are So Popular In Commercial Advertising

With the development of the times, outdoor LED advertising has long become an indispensable landscape in urban life. Compared with other forms of outdoor advertising, LED's very powerful advertising expressions have brought new aesthetic enjoyment to the target audienceand captured the "hearts" of advertisers at the same time.

High Marketing Value

Most outdoor LED media are set in the core business district of the city and other places with heavy traffic. With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, these busy business districts and functional places have become the main activity places in the city. Therefore, the media form of outdoor LED has high marketing value and quality.

Strong Interaction With Viewers

LED display can bring more value to users. With its high-definition digital development trend, outdoor LED display media is not only an extension of traditional outdoor media and TV media, but also combined with social media and mobile terminals to build a three-dimensional space for interaction and communication with consumers, while giving more creative possibilities.

More Possibilities For Creative Forms

According to the comparison with other traditional outdoor advertising signs, outdoor LED large screens can integrate flat images, copy, dynamic sound effects, three-dimensional technology and so on to create a rich visual stimulation. The excellent display effect and the clever integration of LED large screen technology burst out unlimited creative space.

High ROI Investment For Advertiser

In terms of advertising cost of large electronic display, it has ultra-low effective cost per thousand value, covering the main commercial centerstraffic hubs of the city and most leisure consumption squares.

The size of outdoor LED advertising screen is very large, and the dynamic effect is strong, which can effectively convey the advertising information to the audience, the communication effect of outdoor LED advertising screen is very significant.

These are the advantages of outdoor LED advertising screen, and it is because of these advantages that outdoor LED advertising screen is so popular.


Several Issues Needed TConsider Before Installing Outdoor LED Display

Steel Structure

Usually outdoor LED display installation area is larger, and most of them are installed in more crowded places, the design of its steel structure needs to consider the foundation, wind load, waterproof, dust-proof, moisture-proof, ambient temperature, lightning protection, surrounding population density and many other factors.

Waterproof And Moisture-Proof

Outdoor LED display installed in the outdoors, often sun and rain, wind and dust cover, the working environment is harsh, electronic equipment is wet or serious moisture will cause a short circuit or even fire, causing failure or even fire, resulting in losses, therefore the screen body and the combination of screen body and building must be strictly waterproof and leak-proof, screen body to have good drainage measures, once the water can be discharged smoothly.

Ventilation And Heat Dissipation

Outdoor LED display should be installed ventilation equipment to cool down the internal temperature of the screen body in -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃. Outdoor LED display work will generate a certain amount of heat, if the ambient temperature is too high and poor heat dissipation, the integrated circuit may not work properly, or even be burned, so that the LED display system can not work properly.

Choose High Brightness Lamp Wick  

It still displays well in direct sunlight and also enhances the contrast with the surrounding environment, giving the picture a wider audience, and still performs well in places with a long distance and wide viewing angle.

Lightning Protection And Grounding

The high level of integration of electronic components in outdoor LED display, its sensitivity to anti-interference requirements are also increasingly high. Lightning can harm the display system in various ways. 

Generally speaking, the solution is equipotential connection, that is, the ungrounded or poorly grounded metal shell, the metal shell of the cable, the metal frame inside the display and the reliable welding connection of the grounding device.  In order to prevent the internal insulation of the equipment, cable core or voltage rebound caused by the propagation of lightning to the ground under the condition of induced high voltage or grounding device on these objects. Outdoor LED display screen will also be subject to strong electromagnetic attack induced by lightning, so that the power supply caused by lightning can be discharged in time. Generally, buildings need to be equipped with lightning protection devices.

Core Steps About Outdoor LED Billboard Display Installation

1. Field Survey

Here refers to some outdoor led display installation before, should be for the specific environment, topography, luminous radiation range, brightness acceptability and other parameters of the new unified test, in order to ensure the smooth installation of the billboard, requires lifting installation before, must be for the command staff for the implementation of a unified lifting program, to ensure that the equipment can be used normally and stably.

2. LED Equipment Erection

For some outdoor LED billboard erection, to distinguish between wall mounted advertising screen, hanging type advertising screen and roof type advertising screen. The actual installation, should be based on the height of the distance, with a crane and winch for segmentation lifting, while ensuring that the personnel above cooperate with each other, for high-altitude operation of led advertising screen, there is a better installation and use process.


1. Luminous Radiation Range Debugging

Next, it will be specific radiation range detection, due to different radiation range, LED display build perspective is different, to be based on the field acceptability and everyone's usual perspective range for outdoor led display fixed installation work, to ensure that even at a distance, every angle can see normal, brightness balanced image, subtitle information.

1. Follow-Up Testing Maintenance

Follow-up testing, including LED display waterproof, heat dissipation layer, LED shows waterproof coating, display above the rain cover range, both sides of the cooling air, power supply line, etc., these basic components products constitute the entire stability of good graphics LED display, the later technical maintenance, it will be for these parts of the unified management maintenance, encounter product rust, instability, damage, the need for timely replacement To ensure the safe use of the entire display.

Is Die Cast Aluminum Or Iron Cabinet Better For Outdoor LED Display?


Iron Cabinet

The iron LED screen cabinet can be divided into sealed cabinet and simple cabinet. The cabinet weight is about 43kg/㎡, and specification area of the LED screen box is 960mm × 960mm, 768mm × 768 mm, etc. Under the same size of materials, the price of sealed LED display cabinet is higher than that of simple cabinet.


The sealed cabinet can reach IP65, which can work in various environments. It is mainly used outdoors. The simple LED display cabinet is relatively simple in workmanship and is mainly used indoors.

In general, the price of iron LED screen cabinet is slightly lower, heavy, and the transportation costs are higher.



Die Casting Aluminum Cabinet

Die cast aluminum alloy cabinet has the advantages of light weight, fine structure and high precision, and can basically realize seamless splicing. The specification area of the LED screen cabinet is 640mm × 640 mm, 500 mm × 500 mm, etc. Our latest die-casting aluminum alloy LED display cabinet is not only a simple upgraded traditional cabinet, but also comprehensively optimized and updated in terms of structure and performance. It is extremely convenient for disassembly and maintenance and has good heat dissipation.


Key Points Of A High Performance Outdoor LED Display

1. High Definition Display Effect

Outdoor full-color LED display as the main carrier of video advertising, it needs to have a high-definition display effect. This includes high resolution, high brightness, high contrast, etc. High resolution ensures that high quality advertising images can be well presented; high brightness ensures that the picture can be clearly shown under direct sunlight; high contrast is a strong guarantee that the picture color is even and the image is fine.

1. Wide Viewing Angle

The main task of outdoor full-color LED display is to do advertising and image promotion, therefore, let more audiences see the screen is the primary goal of outdoor full-color LED display, using a large viewing angle design, the largest range of viewing angle coverage.

2. High Protection Level

As used in outdoor, so the weather environment must be taken into account, outdoor full-color LED display should generally reach IP67/IP68 protection level, to be able to fully adapt to all kinds of bad weather, to ensure that outdoor LED display has a strong weather resistance, can be used for a long time, to ensure that the customer's profit to the maximum.


3. Front & Rear Maintenance

Front maintenance: The LED module is magnetically fixed to the case using magnetic components. When it is time to disassemble, use the suction cup tool to suck the LED module to remove the LED module. The advantage of front maintenance is that the LED display case can be thinner, LED module disassembly is also more convenient and efficient.

Rear maintenance: LED module using magnetic components or screws fixed in the case. When the LED display installation space is larger, the use of post-maintenance method is also more efficient.

4. High Brightness

Outdoor LED display generally brightness in 5500cd/, the brightest can reach more than 10000cd/, even in the strong light exposure can be clearly visible, display effect is good.

1. Good Heat Dissipation Effect

The aluminum module has good thermal conductivity and can quickly dissipate the heat from the screen without installing a fan and can adapt to poor outdoor environmental conditions.

2. Common-Cathode Technology, Low Consumption And Energy Saving

Milestrong adopts Common-Cathode Technology, which can effectively reduce power consumption and heat generation. In addition, the aluminum module itself has excellent heat dissipation and can save 75% of energy, thus saving power and money.

The aluminum module has good thermal conductivity and can quickly dissipate the heat from the screen without installing a fan and can adapt to poor outdoor environmental conditions.

What Is Common Cathode Technology? How Does It Work?

Common cathode power supply method, is a technical solution based on the common anode architecture to improve the way to achieve energy-saving LED display, refers to the common cathode way to drive the LED display, precise distribution of current voltage for R, G, B chip respectively, the current first through the lamp beads and then to the IC negative, reduce the forward voltage drop, on the internal resistance becomes smaller, can achieve the ideal energy-saving effect of reducing the screen body heat, reduce power consumption, efficient response.


What Are The Advantages Of Common Cathode LED Display Driver Framework?


1. Independent Power Supply And Energy Saving

The common negative drive architecture adopts precise electronic control based on the different photoelectric characteristics of LED red, green and blue base colors, with the control system of common negative IC and independent private mode to precisely allocate different voltages for the LED drive circuit, making the product power consumption more energy-saving and more power-saving compared to similar products.


2. True And Stable Colors

The common negative driving method can accurately control the voltage, reducing power consumption while reducing heat, no wavelength drift under continuous operation, and stable display of true color.


3. Increased Screen Life

Energy consumption is reduced, thus significantly reducing the temperature rise of the system, effectively reducing the probability of LED damage, improving the stability and reliability of the entire display system, and more effectively extending the life of the system.


Outdoor LED Display Case Study


Shopping Mall

Outdoor LED display is a necessity of the shopping mall, which can be used to advertise, beautify, attract more attention and helps to save time during shopping by giving information about features, prices and discounts of goods directly on display screens.


LED display can show many important information for the driver. Outdoor LED display on the highway is helpful to avoid traffic accidents and traffic jams by displaying warning signs, speed limits and other crucial information to drivers.


Commercial Media

Outdoor LED screen is a new type of large-scale advertising media, which integrates the advantages of digital signage and outdoor advertising. You can display your advertisement outdoor in high traffic areas, like on busy streets and underpasses.


Unlike ads that require you to look at them while going around curves or up an incline (with billboards they are always facing straight). Another big advantage is that you have zero next to no limitations on what type of image you can show.


The content of outdoor LED display for advertising is not only text, picture or video but also with rich interaction capability like visitor respond function, which can make the audience directly participate in the display.

Building Facade

Outdoor LED display for building facade is the most popular advertising medium, more space and higher brightness than an indoor TV. It is widely used in subway station, commercial district, airport terminal and other places with a great number of people, especially during special events such as shopping festivals, political elections and other festivals.

Chain Store

LED outdoor display is a good solution for retailers. As the name suggests, it is mainly used to display in the store. It is affordable and can be utilized for advertising and promotion. Good stability ensures a long life for the display which is highly cost effective.







Outdoor LED display for roadside is widely used in ads, it is cost-effective, easy to install, water-proof and long service life. According to different use occasions, we can choose LED displays with different screen sizes and resolutions.