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What Is A Spherical Screen?


LED spherical screen is a new type of display, compared with the traditional flat display, it has a strong sense of space, bright colors, high resolution characteristics. This paper will mainly introduce the structure, function and application of Led spherical screen

LED spherical screen is composed of many Led lattice splice, it is composed of a structural system, by sealed glass ball, Led driver module, Led lattice and bracket four parts. The Led drive module is installed on the sphere, and different brackets can be customized according to the shape of the sphere, and the sphere is fixed on the bracket to ensure the stability of the sphere. Led spherical screen has the advantages of high light efficiency, high brightness, high color, etc., can display a more exquisite image, and has a better performance for visual effects.


The application of Led spherical screen is very wide, can be used in advertising, display, entertainment venues and other scenes. It can not only create attractive visual effects in the space, but also provide more information to meet the different needs of customers. In addition, the Led spherical screen can also be used for stage lighting, touring and other activities, which can create a more colorful space atmosphere.


Spherical Screen Features:



1. LED spherical screen can provide 360-degree visual experience. It has a panoramic view, allowing the audience to fully experience the background environment. And can play football, earth, moon, basketball and other objects on the spherical screen, giving people intuitive and perfect visual experience.


2. LED spherical screen has the display effect that can not be achieved by conventional display, spherical three-dimensional playback, viewing without dead corners, personalized design, producing shocking visual impact.


3. LED spherical screen can customize interactive experience. The use of touch screen, gesture sensing and other technologies to enable viewers to interact with the screen, this interaction can increase their interest in the content. The LED spherical screen can also make use of virtual reality technology, so that the audience can explore in virtual reality, so as to gain more interest.


4. LED spherical screen diameter can be designed and produced according to customer requirements, the sphere is completely completed by numerical control, accurate module size, to ensure the consistency of the overall circular curvature of the LED ball.


LED spherical screen composition:



The LED spherical screen is mainly composed of five parts: spherical bracket, LED module, LED module, controller and power supply.


1. Spherical Bracket


To play a supporting role, the LED module is installed and covered on the surface of the spherical bracket and spliced into a spherical display screen.


2. Sphere Led Screen


The core display part of the LED spherical screen is the LED module, the LED module is composed of a large number of LED light beads, LED light beads can be combined into different display screens according to different display requirements.


3. LED Module


LED module is a complete LED light component, which includes LED module, universal photoelectric converter, controller and power supply, they are the basic structure of LED spherical screen, can achieve a variety of image display.


4. Controller


The function of the controller is to control the brightness and color changes of the LED lamp beads, so that the display effect of the LED spherical screen is real and vivid.


5. Power Supply


It is composed of a power cord and a power module, and the power cord connects the power module to the LED module in order to transmit the power to the LED module, so as to realize the display of the LED spherical screen.


Others include some accessories, such as mounting brackets, mounting supports, distribution boxes, video players, etc., some of these accessories are optional, can help the LED ball screen power supply safety, as well as installation, maintenance and replacement, so as to ensure the normal use of the ball screen.


LED Spherical Screen 5 Major Application Areas


1. Business Center


It is possible to enlarge the advertising, new product launch and event news of the mall to every corner of the space, so that everyone can clearly see the information, so as to better attract the attention of consumers, let more people participate in it, and thus increase sales.


2. Museums


In the prominent position of the museum hall, the LED spherical screen plays the history of the museum and a list of cultural relics video, which is powerful to attract the audience's eye in appearance, and can be asynchronous telescopic and 360-degree viewing Angle, bringing people a visually shocking impact.


3. Science And Technology Museum


Inside the Science and Technology Museum, the LED spherical screen plays the content of various celestial and physical phenomena, and the picture that the audience can see is more sci-fi, and the tourists are like traveling in the mysterious vast space when watching.


4. Exhibition Hall


Combining various technologies of sound, shadow, light and electricity, the dynamic space of the exhibition hall is displayed in multiple and three-dimensional ways by high-tech means, bringing the audience an immersive 360° full perspective audio-visual experience.


5. Advertising Apps


Like star hotels, large open-air places, railway stations, shopping malls, the use of LED spherical screens has been very common. The screen plays the discount advertisement and brand image of the business, and the crowd traveling from all directions will be attracted by the spherical screen, bringing more potential customers to the business


LED Spherical Screen Development Prospects


On the one hand, with the daily use of LED displays, the price of conventional displays is gradually declining, and inter-industry competition is becoming more prominent. And the barriers to entry are low, leading to further competition. On the other hand, conventional display low-end products, the market capacity has been excess. It is the increasingly bad market competition that has prompted many LED display manufacturers to play the game of product differentiation. Only by starting with differentiation, can we win the market competitiveness and seize the market opportunity

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